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"Yamada-kun and the seven witches" was one of the first mangas I ever read bachồng in the day, & because of it, I was mostly up lớn date & waiting for chapters weekly just became a chore along the way. Three khổng lồ four years have passed since then & I recently found out that it was finished. Out of a recommendation from a friend I decided khổng lồ pick it up again from the start và finish it until the end. All I can say about this manga is that it really understands how high school stories should be done. When I was first reading it, my main problems of the series is that it felt like it was going lớn fall inlớn the endless trap of being a generic slice of life gag story that relied on the gimmiông xã of the "Witches". Instead, this "gimmick" was used lớn bring out some of the aspects I yearn for in manga such as, immense character development, and bringing out a story of a life I can look back khổng lồ with bittersweet memories. In other mangas, high school life seems more of just a convenient setting for easy situations. However, in this manga, high school felt lượt thích it was a story of change, & making relationships with people you will still remember 11 years into the future. To conclude, Yamada-kun and the seven witches is about a delinquent who enrolls inkhổng lồ a high school that will change his life. But after reading this manga, I feel lượt thích this synopsis doesn't bởi the manga any justice:Yamada-kun & the seven witches is about a delinquent who changed the lives of others. The story brings upon the casual comedy, intricate romantic & blãng mạn relationships to lớn create a dramatic yet fulfilling ride through an extraordinary take on a coming of age story phối in high school. After a satisfying conclusion khổng lồ a series that has been nurtured for five sầu years, I almost teared up a bit after realizing that there would be no more. Thank you Yamadomain authority, it was fun lớn be with you along your stupid antics along the years you spent in this manga.I look forward to the day I take the time lớn reread this series again!P..S. I wrote all of this right after finishing the manga. Most of the things I said may be glorified and I can't say for sure if you should trust me or not. Looking baông chồng at the manga, I bởi vì not regret any second of reading it because of the enjoyment it brings và I think this is enough of a motive to make this manga recommendation.