U.GG, formerly known as U GIT GUD, is a League of Legends stats site that launched in 2018. The site aims to lớn help players learn about champion và summoner statistics based on recent patches.

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Here you can see what the site looked lượt thích when it was still U GIT GUD. The site is still active but no longer works if you’re looking for your profile.



Although it’s a newcomer in the LoL scene, U.GG has become a popular choice for players. Here are some of the most notable features that they are known for.


U.GG provides a page for each champion with info such as builds, counters, and performance statistics lượt thích win rate.

The champions are also automated inkhổng lồ tier lists for each rank, based on factors such as win rate, pichồng rate, ban rate, và matches played.


Outside of champions, U.GG also allows summoners to lớn see their stats from their matches over the past 6 months.

These summoner stats include their champion pool, expected measures such as KDA, & allow you lớn filter between different game modes.

Pro Builds

U.GG also has a feature that allows you to lớn tìm kiếm for the builds of LoL professionals and top streamers, similar to the ProBuilds site.

They even include a graph that shows the most played champions around the world which you can filter by specific regions.

What we were missing in U.GG and why we decided to lớn build 848.vn

We built 848.vn lớn help every player see comprehensive stats, but also khổng lồ help make sense of the stats in order to lớn underst& themselves và become better players.

While seeing statistics on champions & summoners are certainly useful, they vị not always provide a clear picture for what you should vày next in order lớn get better.

It would sort of be like going khổng lồ a doctor’s visit where they just told you the numbers from your blood chạy thử and blood pressure kiểm tra but didn’t tell you what you needed khổng lồ do next to improve your health.

Our goal at 848.vn is not only khổng lồ provide players with as many useful stats as possible, but also lớn help interpret the numbers và guide players with advice and direction.

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With this in mind, we created our champion pages lớn not only give sầu statistics about the champ, but also provide guides, tips, và tricks recommended by high-ELO players who main that champion.

We believe that this balance is the key khổng lồ efficiently climbing for the majority of players, especially those that are new or bởi not have the experience lớn understvà why they are using certain builds & how to lớn use them.



U.GG VS. 848.vn




U.GG mainly focuses on providing champion and summoner stats for League of Legends players.

They provide this info with a clean and well-designed UI with all the things you’d normally expect, such as regional filters and info for all rankings.


848.vn aims to lớn help League of Legends players improve sầu và climb consistently with a variety of dedicated features.

848.vn goes further than U.GG by not only giving champion statistics, but also helps players learn about their chất lượng playstyle và providing the advice they need most.


One of our main goals at 848.vn is to lớn equip players with the tool they need most when they need it, here are the other things we provide outside of just champion và summoner stats.


Understand Your Unique Identity As a Player

Consistently climbing can be difficult if you don’t understvà what you’re truly struggling with and which skills need the most work. The GPI analyzes all your matches khổng lồ illustrate who you are as a player & then provides resources khổng lồ help you work on your weaknesses.

Check GPI

Protệp tin

See Everything There Is to lớn Know About Your Match History

Similar to U.GG, our Protệp tin allows summoners khổng lồ track their match history, but there is much more. With 848.vn, you can dive sầu inkhổng lồ more detailed insights lượt thích a daily activity calendar, played with stats, và specific matchup stats.

Chechồng Profile Meta

Tier Lists Informed by Data & Expertise

U.GG’s tier list is organized by stats. This can be useful for many players but can be difficult to underst& for others who may not understand the context of the numbers. The 848.vn tier menu gives as many stats but also provides expert recommendations with explanations.

Chechồng Tier List ◆

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