NameZombie Age 3 APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, ammo
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Zombie Age 3 is the fight of the player against the quái nhân of the publisher DIVMOB. You must attaông chồng monsters khổng lồ survive with undead from the underground. Do not st& fixed in a position, you are easily surrounded by horny monsters. They always attaông xã in a mad way lớn destroy & cause you khổng lồ give up your noble purpose. Having in h& many weapons from the baseball, rifles, shotguns, you can fully fight monsters. Despite the large number, but not so that the warrior must yield lớn them. Giving the corpses a lesson with deadly bullets, the big explosions turn them into lớn debris.

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1 Download Zombie Age 3 MOD – Mission destroy monsters

The difference in Zombie Age 3 is that you cannot kill all monsters. The mission is considered completed when the aircraft has a signal khổng lồ leave sầu. Players can stay and fight again but that is not a safe option. Keep attacking until the ammunition runs out & retreat for the most bounty. Unlượt thích The Walking Zombie 2, or DEAD WARFARE, each stage has a limited number of enemies. Although the image Zombie Age 3 somewhat inferior to the two titles above sầu, you still have explosive sầu gameplay. Willing khổng lồ fight hard khổng lồ cause the undead to suffer painful consequences.


Character training

Change the ability khổng lồ fight with the parameters of the character with the gold you have sầu. When bringing that warrior into lớn battle, the player can easily see the difference. Do not forget khổng lồ prepare an Outfits khổng lồ change for your anh hùng. It will give the nhân vật a new look that makes it difficult for you khổng lồ recognize.

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What are the weapons in Zombie Age 3?

Like the character khổng lồ unloông xã the gun you want, Zombie Age 3 sets the màn chơi condition. Of course, you also need khổng lồ prepare the necessary money. For example, if you want to own AWP. 175 money, there are many other super-powerful weapons. M41A, Dragonflame, they are all expensive sầu guns. Players will be convinced when looking at DMG, bullets, tốc độ, or rage, which are the parameters of each weapon in this game. Plus, you can upgrade them too.

Motorbikes, auxiliary và friends

Equip your character with cars that support movement in battles. Unfortunately, most of you have sầu lớn pay through Google Play if you want to lớn own a motorbike. But okay, you can buy accessories such as ammunition box, magnets, first aid kit, or allies. Ninjai, Natasha, or Facebook friends will be teammates that you can ask for their help.

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Zombie Age 3 with the frenetic battle between monsters and warriors. You need khổng lồ be present at the locations in the thành phố bản đồ và immediately kill the evil enemies. Finish off by helicopter with a few goodbye bombs. The corpses only stared bitterly with death around them. Download Zombie Age 3 MOD missions và goals khổng lồ help you quickly cấp độ up while bringing great bonuses.