Tập 1094: Đến Vùng Galar! Gặp Gỡ Hibanny!!

Young trainer Ash & his new frikết thúc Goh become research fellows at Professor Cerise's laboratory, traveling all over the world khổng lồ learn about Pokémon.

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Before Ash Ketchum ever met Pikachu, Ash was just a kid with a habit of sleeping in. Elsewhere, a lone Pichu living in the wild finds a family.


Ash and Pikachu are invited lớn the opening of a new Pokétháng lab in Vermilion City. There, they hear news that a Legendary Pokétháng may appear.


Alongside their new Pokémon-obsessed friover Goh, Ash và Pikachu head out on their first mission as Pokétháng researchers for the Cerise Laboratory.


Ash & Goh visit the Galar region lớn investigate rumors of giant Pokémon. Once there, they encounter a mischievous Pokétháng unfamiliar khổng lồ them both.

Ash & Goh's search takes them lớn the Galar region's Wild Area. Meanwhile, the rascally Pokétháng from before is determined to lớn stay hot on their trail.

After successfully catching his first Pokémon, Goh sets his sights on catching even more -- but not all Pokétháng are as willing khổng lồ be caught.

Ash và Goh enter the Hoenn region's Battle Frontier Flute Cup. Goh tries to lớn hold his own against a tough opponent in his first-ever trainer battle.

Upon encountering a worn-out Piplup in the Vermilion City harbor, Ash and Goh mix out for the Sinnoh region khổng lồ return it khổng lồ its trainer.

Goh receives news that the Legendary Pokétháng Ho-Oh has been spotted in the Johto lớn region, but the information may simply be too good lớn be true.

Hearing rumors of an isl& of Dragonites, Ash và Goh phối sail -- but first, they'll need khổng lồ catch themselves a Pokémon that can get them there.

Goh & Ash admire their recently caught Pokétháng in Cerise Park. Meanwhile, the Cerise Lab becomes plagued by strange và mysterious events.

Ash và Goh receive sầu tickets lớn the finals of the Pokétháng World Championships -- a tournament to decide the world's strongest Pokémon trainer.

A Gigantamax Drednaw rampages through the stadium at the Pokétháng World Championships, prompting Ash to lớn send in Pikachu khổng lồ take it on headfirst.

In the Unova region, Ash & Goh learn of a phối of mysterious ruins. Certain that they will find new Pokémon there, the two set out to lớn investigate.

Goh returns trang chủ for the first time in a while with his Scorbunny in tow. But when he arrives, only his grandma is there lớn welcome him baông chồng.

The Cerise Laboratory Gengar reappears và promptly latches itself onto Ash, making even the simplest of everyday tasks a nightmare for hyên ổn.

Scorbunny struggles khổng lồ learn the move Ember but Goh insists that it's not necessary. His well-meaning words only make Scorbunny more determined.

In his quest khổng lồ climb the ranks, Ash enters the Pokémon World Championships & finds himself at the thể hình where he won his first badge.

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When a Ditto runs away from a movie set, it falls inlớn the hands of Team Rocket, who have the perfect use for its ability to lớn transkhung.

Ash, Goh và Professor Cerise face off against one another to lớn see who can find the most Pokémon in a friendly Pokémon orienteering race.

After learning about Pokémon Eggs, Goh wants to lớn find one. Ash's lakiểm tra World Coronation Series match ends with hyên feeling like someone is calling hyên ổn.

Ash & Goh head lớn the Hoenn region to witness the annual migration of Beautifly, but first they have sầu lớn find them. Goh's Raboot starts acting out.

Someone seems to be stealing the food that the researchers leave out for Pokétháng in Cerise Park. To catch the culprit, Ash and Goh camp out.

Team Rocket are sent to the Sinnoh region for a vacation, but their break is interrupted by the arrival of Ash & Goh looking for a special Pokétháng.

As Goh hunts for Kalos region Pokétháng, Ash enters the Battle Festival Challenge & meets an old friover who he’ll have sầu to beat if he wants to rank up.

In preparation for a Magikarp high jump competition, Goh và his Magikarp undergo intense training to get in shape. Ash và Goh encounter a Slowking.

At the Pokémon World Coronation Series, Goh and Ash watch a battle between two Master Class trainers. Later, they run inlớn a tough-looking Farfetch'd.

Goh and Ash meet a timid Sobble with a habit of vanishing inlớn thin air. But when Team Rocket gets involved, they nearly thua sight of it for good.

Chloe's Yamper brings in an injured Pidove but begins lớn feel jealous when Chloe and her brother start giving more attention to their new guest.

Ash's mom visits the Cerise Laboratory. But Pikachu, unable to bear parting ways with her so soon, chases her across the Kanto lớn region with Mr. Mime.

Ash & his friends meet a girl being teased about her Feebas. With their help, she sets out to lớn prove sầu that her Pokétháng is cooler than everyone thinks.

While on a family outing khổng lồ the Johkhổng lồ region, Goh bumps inkhổng lồ another young trainer. Together they go in tìm kiếm of the legendary forest Pokétháng Celebi.

At a Pokétháng Trade Event, Ash và Goh meet bug-loving trainer Kricketimãng cầu Kylie, who longs lớn obtain a Pinsir. They help her hunt for one of her own.

At a dojo in Saffron City, Ash challenges Bea, a thể hình leader & karate master who dreams of defeating Leon, khổng lồ a World Coronation Series battle.

When Goh hopes to lớn catch a Pikachu of his own, he & Ash visit an area rumored to be teeming with them. But they soon discover that they aren’t alone.

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Ash & Goh learn of an enormous sand storm in the Hoenn region. Hoping lớn get their hands on an unknown Pokémon, they venture inside the storm.

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