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Royal Revolt 2 is an action-packed strategy game. Players will build defense lines và capture the bases of other players. Also, collect & tăng cấp items such as weapons và armor lớn power up và customize your King.

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Lead your army to battle and defover your throne from other players around the world. Grow your kingdom, perfect your defenses, và strengthen powerful alliances. The fever of Royal Revolt 2 has never cooled down in the past six years. And it is easy khổng lồ see the reason new players are still flocking it. Because a friendly game is like old wine, it makes you drunk khổng lồ enjoy it drop by drop.

Royal Revolt 2 is the next version of the attractive sầu and free defense strategy game for mobiles. Continue to transsize inlớn a young prince leading the army to protect the kingdom and fight lớn expvà the territory. Royal Revolt 2 is a strategic action game for smartphones, tablets, and PCs running on Windows 8. Like its previous versions, Royal Revolt 2 allows players to lớn transform into lớn a young prince to protect and build the army.

General Information

Royal Revolt 2 is a blover of two equally attractive sầu elements. You will engage in real-time rsida attacking enemy kingdoms to capture gold. Then, you use these items khổng lồ build your thành phố và defense agencies, strengthen your army, and protect yourself from the attacks of other players.

When the opportunity khổng lồ attaông chồng has arrived, you will play as a sword-bearing hero and commvà your armies lớn fight. Initially, you can only mobilize knights và archers. But then, unloông chồng giant monsters, fire wizards, và mortars lớn unleash powerful ranged attacks. However, the more harm a soldier is, the more energy it consumes.

Therefore, you need to balance the deployment of heavy units with the regular release of light units. Do you have sầu to take fire from the enemy tower? Use magic to lớn clean up quickly. If there is a rain of bombs heading towards you, use your hero to lớn kichồng them baông chồng. If any soldiers fall behind or blindly rush your body toàn thân forward, vày not forget to blow the battle horn to lớn summon all forces lớn your position.

Meanwhile, the defense is automatic. But it is your responsibility khổng lồ prepare everything. Build a long, winding road leading lớn your castle & put as many obstacles as blocking the enemy’s path. If you place the tower in the right place, the enemy will fall inlớn a complete gap when trying khổng lồ destroy your defense barrier. You can unleash monsters to protect the city gate from ferocious pandas to lớn long-eared rabbits.

You can even join alliances online through Conquest mode on the hexagon grid bản đồ. Here, you can join your ally to lớn expand the territory to lớn collect more resources. And these friends will help you counterattack when the goalkeeper by sending immediate reinforcements to lớn turn the tide. Although it means toppling the royal family, this captivating strategy game will not tire you of the throne. Whether you attaông chồng or strengthen your defense, you can enjoy a genuine enjoyment.


Background Story

The building, defending and conquering is the primary task of the player in the game Royal Revolt 2. This part is not just a player anymore. It also combines both attack & defense elements. Players have sầu khổng lồ build castles, expand their lines of defense, traps, & powerful turrets khổng lồ defkết thúc the base. Not only that, but you also explore the lvà of your friends & carry out expeditions.

After each battle, you will receive experience points AND gold coins to upgrade the strength of your army, build castles and ramparts. On your way into lớn your ramparts system, you can optionally create dangerous bends or traps for the enemy khổng lồ fall. We can easily vì chưng all of this through simple mouse gestures.

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How to Play Royal Revolt 2?

Contents of Royal Revolt 2 are a series following the sự kiện of regaining the young prince’s kingdom in Royal Revolt. So, the primary task of the player will not be all successful leads anymore. Royal Revolt 2 is lượt thích a real-time strategy game with construction work, department of engineering, research inlớn the army, và manufacturing defensive tools.


When you bring troops khổng lồ conquer another stronghold, Royal Revolt 2 is very similar khổng lồ an MMORPG where the player leads the troops & uses skills, equipment upgrades. When defending, Royal Revolt 2 is a Tower Defense game that allows players khổng lồ change the shape of the terrain leading khổng lồ their stronghold with turrets, gates, and traps.

Overall, Royal Revolt 2 is a very great game except for one point that is too expensive sầu. Almost 100% of the features in the game have very cthảm bại relationships with the Gem that players will use the money to lớn convert. Of course, in completing the mission, the player can still get Gem. But this number is just lượt thích the salt in the tank.


Recommended Alternative: Kingdom Rush

The games of tower building tactics defending against enemy attacks have sầu probably become extremely familiar. Kingdom Rush is a game that uses familiar gameplay but with countless rounds & powerful monsters. It will be a tough challenge for anyone who wants lớn conquer.

The primary task of the player is to lớn protect his kingdom from attacks from hordes of monsters. It is why the player’s urgent task is khổng lồ build fortresses, guard stations on the roads where monsters will have lớn pass, to lớn stop & destroy them.

Each battle will include many waves of attacks và the more powerful the next waves. Therefore, the player will need to lớn arrange their fortresses properly because the fortresses only have a certain range. After the monsters pass through that range, there is nothing lớn bởi. In Kingdom Rush, there are all four fortresses that the player can choose from lớn build. Each fortress will have separate abilities including Archer Tower, Militia Barracks, Mage Tower, và Dwarven Bombard.

During battles, the player can use the gold earned through killing monsters lớn upgrade fortresses. Each cấp độ up for a fortress will increase its strength & change its appearance. Besides leveling up in the match khổng lồ change shape and increase strength, at the primary interface of the game, players can use the experience points collected in matches lớn nâng cấp the stats.

Final Words

Royal Revolt 2 owns beautiful 3D graphics, colorful and lifelike visual effects with sound faithful khổng lồ the first version. If you are a người of the role-playing game genre that contains elements of strategy games, try Royal Revolt 2.

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Build your kingdom, perfect your defense line, form alliances, and beat other players around the world. Its users rated the game as one of the best games in 20trăng tròn. Fight against thousands of real opponents around the world to lớn prove yourself a true king. Royal Revolt 2 requires an internet connection khổng lồ play & purchase optional in-tiện ích packs. Download game Royal Revolt 2 for miễn phí and start the war for the throne today.