Duel Of The Duplicates


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Do you feel the danger approaching? It is closer than you might think. And in the Duel of the Duplicates game, you will need lớn stop it from spreading in the entire universe. Why is it so dangerous? Because the enemies are the duplicates of Ben 10’s aliens. Come and feel the thrill with us right now!

An army of evil alien duplicates is attacking the base. And you are the only one that can prsự kiện them from reaching their target & destroying the peace. They are all evil và mischievous. So you will need to be determined và focused, no matter what. Do you feel prepared to face the imminent danger?

Come with us and try to battle evil versions of Ben’s aliens using Feedbachồng, Snare-oh, & Bloxx. Run towards the primary target & attaông chồng the enemies with your special powers. Make sure you vị not miss any.

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To vì chưng this is quite simple. But you will have sầu khổng lồ know the rules và the commands of the game first. So let’s see together what you need khổng lồ bởi.

Battle Ben 10’s evil duplicates!

To help Ben 10 restore the peace, all you need to lớn bởi vì is use the arrow keys to help your character move sầu around. The Up arrow key can be used for jumping, while the Down arrow key will help your character slide down from one bridge to another. If you want khổng lồ attachồng the enemies that might be approaching, simply press the spacebar.

Each good alien has a specific range of special abilities. Your first anh hùng will come in handy with the ability lớn shoot energy blasts. It can also open the power doors by shooting towards them. And are you afraid of the traps that surround you? Fear not, because your nhân vật can walk across the electric traps without being harmed.

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Do not forget khổng lồ collect all of the green coins if you want to complete the challenges. And make sure that your enemies vì chưng not get to lớn you. If they bởi vì, you might chiến bại some precious life. Do not worry, though. If you collect the energy drinks, there will give sầu you a well-deserved boost và will increase your life meter.

So what bởi you think? Are you ready lớn face the maleficent duplicates và bring everything khổng lồ the way it was? Do you feel prepared lớn defeat the evil enemies? Then grab your Omnitrix, và let’s go!

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