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Rules of Survival has made quite a name for itself as one of the premiere battle royale experiences available on sản phẩm điện thoại devices. Depending on the hardware that you’re running, though, you may find yourself at a disadvantage against other players with higher-over tablets và phones. This disadvantage can come in the form of lag, FPS issues, & even issues like stuttering and slow texture load-in in Rules of Survival. If you’ve sầu experienced any of these issues, then chances are you’ve sầu found your gameplay impaired in some way. In this article we’ll go over several things you can vị khổng lồ make the game easier to play on your device, as well as talk about how you can reduce some of the lag in Rules of Survival.quý khách đang xem: How To Fix Lag (100+ Fps) Increase Fps

How to lớn Reduce Lag

The first issue we’ll target is lag. This is a huge issue in online games, và it can easily mean the kết thúc of your best kill streak if it sets in at the wrong time. There are a few ways to lớn try lớn improve sầu your connections to lớn the servers, which will help reduce the lag that you’re seeing in the game. We’ve sầu outlined them below.

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Play on Wi-Fi

One of the biggest causes of lag is a bad connection, or just a slow connection. So, if you’re trying lớn play the game on cellular data, then you’re bound khổng lồ see some issues sprouting up along the way. We’d suggest only trying to lớn play on strong wi-fi signals—lượt thích those found in homes—and avoid trying to play on cellular data, or even public wi-fi hotspots. This will remove a lot of the headađậy that you would get from a slow connection, and it will allow you to experience the game in a much better light.

Turn Off Voice Chat

While voice chat can be a good thing for games lượt thích Rules of Survival, it also uses up a ton of bandwidth, and if you’re playing on a slower connection, that means your connection to the VPS is going to lớn take a hit. Try turning off voice chat and see how it affects your connection. If you don’t notice an immediate difference, then feel không tính phí khổng lồ toggle it bachồng on.


If you don’t use the in-game voice feature at all, then you should absolutely have sầu it disabled as it only eats up bandwidth that you could be making use of elsewhere. Just make sure you don’t disable the entire audio system within the game, as hearing footsteps & other environmental sounds is going to lớn be crucial for surviving và winning in Rules of Survival.

Choose a Good Server

If you’re really have a lot of issues with lag & connection issues, then make sure you’re playing on the closest hệ thống to your location. This can often reduce the connection time between your device và the VPS, which will often make the game run smoother và lag less. Of course, this isn’t always guaranteed, và sometimes you’re just going to have sầu khổng lồ khuyến mãi with the lag that comes, as the servers may be overloaded with players.

How to Improve Performance

The second issue that we’ll target is graphical issues like FPS lag, bad performance, và texture pop in. These issues are often tied directly khổng lồ the strength of your device’s hardware, which means you’ll be limited in what you can vì chưng to make things run better.

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Reduce the trò chơi Quality

If you experience any kind of game lag or FPS lag, then reducing the unique of your game’s settings can make a huge difference. You should definitely bởi vì this if you’re playing on an older or slower piece of hardware, as it will make it easier for the device lớn keep up with the graphical limitations that the hardware has. This means you’ll see less graphical issues like texture popin, and have sầu a much smoother experience. You can easily change these settings by tapping the Settings button on the lower part of the screen, và then setting the visual chất lượng to lớn a setting that fits your device.


Restart the Game

Sometimes you’ll also want khổng lồ restart the application, especially if you’ve been playing for a while. This will allow the device lớn clear out the cabít that it has built up within your phone’s RAM, allowing you to lớn often have a better experience, as well as smoother graphics. Phones & tablets don’t have near the power that consoles or PCs vì chưng, so cleaning out your cache by restarting the game every few matches is a good way to make sure that you’re getting the best performance that you can.

Update the Application

If you’re having a ton of issues, then you may be behind on the game’s version, which means you’ll want to update it. Most applications have sầu updates set khổng lồ automatically install, but with big apps lượt thích Rules of Survival, you may need to go into lớn the App Store on your device và choose lớn update it. This can also happen if the application’s permissions change, so keep an eye on your update tab in the App Store khổng lồ make sure you are always running the most up-to-date version of the game.


Cđại bại Other Apps

You can also try closing out other applications on your device. Always try khổng lồ keep in mind that your device has a very limited amount of resources available to make applications run smoothly, and if you’re like most people, and have multiple games that you lượt thích to play on the go, then you’ll want to lớn make sure you are completely closing out of applications as you finish with them. This will ensure you have a smoother experience altogether.

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