This is the first version of the bản đồ & also the first time you see a mod maps from Vietphái mạnh.Based on National Road 6 across the North-West mountainside . I created this bản đồ with a high chất lượng và details.

Works on 1.40Require: Full DLC Map ETS2*IMPORTANT:Step 1 : Download the fileStep 2 : Extract it lớn 3 .zip files ( maptoàn nước , deftoàn quốc , modelViệt Nam )Step 3 : Copy 3 .zip files lớn the gian lận thư mục , create a new protệp tin , turn on 3 mods , change the game module khổng lồ Map1Step 4 : Enjoy

This is just the first version so there’re a lot off work to lớn vì . I’m working on it to fix the bugs & exp& the bản đồ.


Pham mê Thach

Bạn đang xem: Map vietnam v8

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