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Blade & Soul Revolution
Netmarble Download Blade & Soul Revolution và join the MMORPG community around the world. This RPG with a deep storyline will give you a wonderful experience when fighting with monsters.

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Table of contentsIntroduce about Blade và Soul Revolution

Introduce about Blade và Soul Revolution

Korea is known as the “country” of producing top-notch graphics RPGs và MMORPGs. Blade và Soul Revolution is a proof. It has been released in Korea since 2018, but it won’t be until 20đôi mươi that the global version of the game is officially released. However, some countries are limited, so they can’t experience such an interesting game. The solution for these cases is to lớn tải về and install the game’s APK tệp tin on our website.

The following article will give an overview of Blade & Soul Revolution. You can consult before deciding to lớn tải về.


Blade và Soul Revolution builds a storyline around the conflict between the evil goddess Jinsoyun và the magic sword. For a long time, she has been searching for the Twilight Sword with a conspiracy to lớn dominate the world. Ever since knowing the true power of the sword, all ambitious humans yearn for it, và this creates a world of chaos.

You are also part of them. Your quest for the magic sword & world adventures has just begun.


Most Korean MMORPGs have sầu designed the gameplay in a certain direction. And Blade và Soul Revolution is no exception. Participating in this game, you can choose the character to play with, then start the journey to lớn explore the world and perform quests for NPCs assigned.


Blade & Soul Revolution has a large NPC system. As a guide, they lead the story, with the task of leading you to lớn different regions around the world, along with fierce battles with monsters. In the process, you continually develop your strength và skill so you won’t be kept by the difficulty of the game. The plot gradually opens with new details, but also countless dangers waiting for you.

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Besides, there is another core that you need khổng lồ achieve is creating combos. The skill system of the game is very diverse, they are designed in detail & you need lớn combine them khổng lồ create high-damage and effective combos, instead of using each skill individually.

When your character is màn chơi 30, the Daily Dungeon will be unlocked. You will experience a copy with hundreds of monsters và powerful trùm cuối. However, the difficulty is really cấp độ 40, as it is possible to explore the full depth of the game. At that time, Blade & Soul Revolution gave sầu you a team with 3 warriors, for added strength và win rate.


There is a lot lớn say about the character system in Blade & Soul Revolution. They are designed in detail, và are an important factor affecting the gameplay & overall storyline. They are divided inkhổng lồ classes, và in the new update, the developer has added a class called Blade Dancer. Each class has different strengths, skills và properties, which makes the trover of the game more diverse.


Next, each character class has a separate phối of combat skills, including active sầu & passive skills. They are mostly unavailable when you first play, but will be unlocked at certain stages through NPCs.

Finally, the equipment system. You can equip the character with costumes & weapons lớn improve sầu his abilities. They provide both defense, HP và damage stats. All of them can be upgraded.

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Many interesting activities for gamers

The first activity that gamers are interested in in an MMORPG game like Blade & Soul Revolution is boss khủng hunting. That’s right, some special timeframes, quái vật will appear at fixed locations. Kill the quái dị, the player will receive sầu accumulation points, with extremely valuable items. However, the competition here is very high. Because not only you, but that is also the goal that other players are aiming for.


In addition, Blade và Soul Revolution is regularly updated with events, with accumulated activities và challenges for players to experience. Of course, the rewards are limited và extremely chất lượng. You won’t want khổng lồ miss it!

Download Blade & Soul Revolution APK for Android

Although Blade và Soul Revolution is not released khổng lồ all countries around the world, when you install the game at our website, you have sầu a chance khổng lồ set foot in the world of the game. A long journey to lớn discover the world awaits, are you ready lớn explore?