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10 Best Video Games For Attack On Tirã Fans Attachồng On Titan is one of the best anime currently running. Here are some games that provide a similar experience to lớn the series.

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As one of the biggest manga và anime successes in recent years, Attaông chồng On Titan has grown quite a fanbase over its many years in print and on the air. The franchise is known for its epic story centering on a post-apocalyptic world where humans live sầu in fear of enormous creatures known as Titans.

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Following a cast of young characters through the horrors of war & battles for control between factions when young soldier Eren is revealed khổng lồ have powers beyond what many thought were possible, Attack On Titan covers a lot of ground. Fans who have sầu always wanted to lớn jump into this world or something lượt thích it may find what they"re looking for in these đoạn phim games, which range from games addressing the traumas of war to post-apocalyptic adventures where players are pit against gigantic foes.

One of the most indelible elements of Attaông xã On Titan is its young cadre of protagonists being forced to lớn take on the heavy issues of their tumultuous world. Although it takes place in a more familiar, contemporary setting, Persomãng cầu 5 Royal (a reimagining of Persona 5) sees its teenage protagonists dealing with similar traumas.

The Phantom Thieves of Persomãng cầu 5 Royal enter the Palaces of individuals, places where their most twisted perspectives và desires can be explored, và the Thieves excise the corruption from these places by fighting all sorts of psychological demons. In facing all of this darkness, the young protagonists, much lượt thích those in Attaông chồng On Titan, must take on a lot of responsibility fast.

9 Dragon Age: Inquisition

This third entry in the Dragon Age franchise introduces players to lớn a scenario familiar to Attack On Titan fans: the world is falling apart và terrifying monsters are breaking through the barriers holding the world together, all amidst vast political conflicts across the lvà.

As the Herald of Andraste, players will be able lớn take down demons and dragons using a variety of combat tactics, including a planning system which allows players khổng lồ carefully coordinate all members of their buổi tiệc ngọt with the same precision needed khổng lồ take on a Tichảy attaông xã. Plus, the political elements of the game will have sầu fans making tough decisions reflecting the complexities of Attaông chồng On Titan"s relationships và politics.

One of the most acclaimed games of all time, this lademo main entry in the Legover Of Zelda series takes players to lớn a very different Hyrule than past games have sầu. For one, this is a post-apocalyptic Hyrule, in which the evil entity Calamity Ganon has taken over many years before.

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Just lượt thích Eren, Mikasa, và Armin spkết thúc the series fighting for a world that was seemingly lost long ago, Link in Breath Of The Wild is tasked with saving the few scattered communities of memorable và likable characters that are left by defeating Calamity Ganon once & for all. There are also fights against large, powerful creatures like the Guardians which will remind fans of dynamic battles against the Titans.

7 Fallout 3

The Fallout series is known for its chất lượng take on the nuclear apocalypse, incorporating optimistic retro-futuristic imagery into lớn nightmarish & dire situations. Fallout 3 is one of the better-received games in the series, and it sees players taking control of a wanderer leaving the underground vault where they grew up to lớn explore irradiated Washington, D.C., và find their father.

Fans of Attack On Titan will find the post-apocalyptic setting familiar, as well as the feeling of following a character who has grown up their whole life in isolation before discovering that the world is much more complicated than expected. Further, the many social & political decisions that players make will delight fans of Attaông chồng On Titan"s complicated character relationships.

Aloy, the anh hùng of Horizon Zero Dawn, is a warrior living in a post-apocalyptic world who has strange abilities & who saw her adoptive sầu father killed during a fateful attaông chồng that changed her life. Attaông chồng On Titan fans will instantly recognize this as being very similar to Eren"s story early on in the series.

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While the robotic animals that roam Horizon Zero Dawn"s expansive sầu world are not as daunting as the Titans, they still provide a threat that makes the open-world feel dangerous. The world inside đô thị walls isn"t much safer, either, as Aloy (much lượt thích Eren) is the subject of much discussion by those who want to lớn befriover her and those who consider her a threat.

5 Inkhổng lồ The Breach

Reminiscent of both the tactical battles and giant quái vật fighting of Attachồng On TitanInto The Breach is a strategy game that has players taking control of several mechs in order to fight a relentless army of giant monsters. Notably, the game is quite difficult, forcing players lớn make tough strategic decisions.

For instance, players will be tasked with protecting civilian buildings from the oncoming horde, but also must be careful with their mechs, as there are very few at their disposal. This laông xã of resources và task of defending civilians in the face of insurmountable odds should be very familiar to Attack On Titan fans.

One of the most enduring topics in Attack On Titan is that of the traumas of war and how they affect the main characters who must witness & participate in increasing violence over the course of the series. Spec Ops: The Line is similarly known for its depictions of war as traumatic & immoral, forcing players to lớn reckon with their role in the conflict.

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While both Attaông xã On Titan and Spec Ops: The Line exist in truyền thông media and genres that often depict war and violence as exciting & entertaining elements, these works each choose lớn take a more serious & critical angle on these topics, with a heavily character-focused lens.

3 Attaông chồng On Titan

There have been a handful of Attaông chồng On Titan games released since the manga and anime"s popularity exploded, but this simply titled adaptation & its sequel provide truly immersive gameplay to lớn place players directly into the beloved series with epic battles against Titans.

Players will take control of their favorite characters from the series" early arcs (và in the sequel, they can create their own fighter) in battles against Titans, utilizing the series" famous omni-directional mobility gear lớn fly through the air & position themselves strategically. Fans who want to lớn relive the early manga & anime in a completely new way will be especially delighted with this game.

This cult classic game has players facing a number of puzzle-like trùm battles as a nomadic nhân vật fittingly named Wander is tasked with defeating several colosyêu thích in order to resurrect a woman named Mono. Attaông chồng On Titan fans will instantly be drawn to Shadow Of The Colossus" gameplay revolving around taking down these gigantic beasts.

Interestingly, all of the colossay đắm are different, with some being humanoid and others appearing lượt thích animals, & some are docile whereas others are quite aggressive. These creatures made of stone, clay, và fur will remind fans of Attaông chồng On Titan"s diverse Tirã designs và abilities.

1 Earth Defense Force 5

This series that sees a small group of humans defending the planet against gigantic insectoid aliens is perfect for fans of Attachồng On Titan who just want to lớn fight off huge hordes of invaders with chất lượng weapons against seemingly insurmountable odds. Earth Defense Force 5 is the lachạy thử entry in the series, but a sequel is planned to lớn release this year.

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Playable in both single-player and multiplayer modes, each mission provides either a harrowing one-versus-many experience or a team experience where players must coordinate carefully with each other"s weapon loadouts and positioning if they want lớn succeed in these brutal invasions that rival Tichảy attacks in their pure danger and excitement.